A huge Thank You from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has supported me & Chronic Strength over the years. I absolutely love my customers and without you, none of this would be possible. You inspire & motivate me daily to be stronger & to continue creating quality products you & I both love & enjoy. 

~Stephanie Polk


"I love the cookie dough for 2 reasons! I started weight watchers in January,  and that is a point system, it was because I was having terrible stomach issues. So in March I found out I have cirrhosis of the liver and my doctor said no flour and no sugar! It apparently is toxic to the liver. So that's when I started searching and found you, I was desperate for something familiar and comforting and also low in points,which had no flour and no sugar, and for my WW which I still follow! Win win! Some of the other varietys are great but high in points and I can't eat as much?, I can add walnuts still good! It's been nice to have my little cheat jar of yummies and still loose weight, and not cause my liver any extra work. I thank you for that! I'm stocked up for a couple of weeks now! Have a great weekend!"

"I took the Cookie Dough with me to my old stomping grounds so my 
friends could try it out! They all loved it! Hope you hear 
from them! Oh and my husband is getting into my jars!!!!!!! Thanks again Stephanie!"
"I do love the chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough, makes me feel like I'm cheating! Love the mint chocolate cookie dough too!"
-Vicki Kramer


"Being that I have celiacs eating gluten free is a must.  Chronic strength had become my go to treat. Ok slightly obsessed with it.  Chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate chocolate chip cookie dough are delicious I eat them right from the jar. They are great for when you want something sweet.  Merican crumble is my favorite.  Can't go wrong there.  Banana crumble is delicious.  Basically you can't go wrong with anything here.  Highly recommend chronic strength. And Steph is a sweetheart too." 

-Shay Pettinger


"When you've calculated your macros for the day to include a cardboard tasting protein bar and then these beautiful tender truffles arrive during your morning workout. What a great treat post workout. Always incredible customer service and quality! Thank you Chronic Strength."

-Katie Kollen


"Oh my gosh, I am telling you, if you like sweets and want a healthy alternative, this is it!!!! I am obsessed!! Also, she is the kindest lady ever!! Just a joy to buy from!! Will be buying from her forever."

-Allison Idrizow


"It's the best, I love it! I'm gonna need some goodies for after the show because that's all I crave!"

-IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino


IFBB Pro Jose Raymond & wife, Michela Raymond enjoying some of our Cookie Dough at the 2015 Arnold Classic in Ohio!

" I love this picture & your products!!! That Cookie Dough is to die for! Great work!"

-IFBB Bikini Pro Michela Raymond


"I can't keep my fingers out of the jars they are amazing!! I keep dipping the Protein Truffles into the Protein Crumble!!!! Hahahaha bomb.com! And the cookie dough... Oh my freakin... Thanks girl! I'm passing the good word along!"

-IFBB WP Pro Lil Monstar (Dani Reardon)


"Thanks so much for sending the PB&J crumble along with the tank. Your timing was spot-on - Arrived Friday and Sat was my last day for anything other than pre-contest food so I was able to enjoy it as a final indulgence. Had some as a pre-training snack before back on Friday and got at least a few extra deadlift reps as result."

-Jon Greenwald, Nspire Athlete & Bodybuilder


"I had on my favorite CS tank today when I pulled my 305 PR on the hex bar!  May be something magical about those tanks!"

-Wendy Moore 

For more of Wendy's review of our artisan protein snack products lick the link below or head over to our blog to read her full review.



"My husband and I have tried numerous yummy products with you guys and absolutely love them all!! My husband favorite are the truffles since they are so easy to pack on the go. I love the granola to throw into my yogurt in the morning. Thank you for making wonderful delicious and healthy products!"

-Rebecca Spires


"I purchased the fudge brownie truffles and the chocolate chip cookie dough.  Boy they did not disappoint!  I was in the midst of competition prep when a picture came up on Instagram during my endless search of food porn.  I decided to place an order and I would save them for my next cheat meal.  Well, between my boyfriend and I, they were gone so fast!  Delicious.  I cannot wait to get my next order!"

-IFBB Figure Pro Jill Diorio 


"I just wanted to say thank you for all the trouble you went to in getting my truffles to me.  They arrived just in time for my birthday and they were delicious.  Well worth the wait.  Thank you again!"

-Daphne Kopperud 


"I just wanted you to know that I've been enjoying the products that I ordered for the past few days and I'm really pleased!
I appreciate the quality of the products and natural ingredients in them. I know that the hard work that goes into your company is paying off and I'm so glad I found you Instagram.  Thanks for the personal touch to your business. The healthy snack alternative is key for me to not sabotage my nutritional and fitness goals.Thank you for the discount card that was included in my order as well. 
I look forward to enjoying this order and ordering more in the future."
-Sean Field

"I have to tell you – OMGOODNESS I am IN LOVE with the Peanut Butter truffles and the Chocolate Peppermint Protein truffles.  Now I just need to be able to keep it to 1 (each) per day! I will definitely be ordering more of these!"

-Kerri Allmaras


"I absolutely love love love everything I had, that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted cause I wanted everyone of them. Truly, you make amazing products. So thank you!"
"Man I can't decide... Lol I want it all!"
-IFBB Figure Pro Nicole Sturtze
"Absolutely love the truffles! Keep up the great work!"

-CJ Parsons, USMC