About Chronic Strength

Chronic Strength is a health and fitness conscious company, based out of South Florida, that specializes in healthy, all natural, handcrafted artisan protein snacks. My main objective is to combine fresh, natural, & progressive nutritional ingredients along with protein to create healthy & great tasting protein treats that are nutritionally balanced. I use a variety of progressive ingredients and super foods in my products, which boosts the items nutritional value. I do not use any unhealthy additives, preservatives, or refined sugars, only the best ingredients with the highest nutritional content to fuel your body with the energy it needs naturally.
I developed Chronic Strength to offer you healthy protein snack alternatives & limited, premium, hand printed apparel. I am very passionate & dedicated to lifting and living a healthy lifestyle. Throughout years of living a healthy and fit lifestyle, I began to noticed a lack of healthy protein snacks on the market. I found it difficult to satisfy my sweet tooth without going off track and feeling guilty the next day. So I decided to start experimenting in the kitchen and create my own protein treats using fresh, wholesome, organic, gluten free, nutritional ingredients & super foods, ingredients I feel passionate about. Each item you find on the website was hand crafted and created by me, Stephanie Polk. Every item is made fresh to order to ensure you receive it as fresh as possible. No mass producing or manufacturing here. A lot of time, love, & passion is poured into each and every one of my products. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
The apparel is printed in the USA in small batches, so quantities will be limited.  I print on fabrics with a softer hand, like tri-blends, and poly/cotton blends that are far more appealing in many aspects than your basic cotton tee or tank. They will hold up longer through many washings and the colors will not fade as fast after time. Comfort is key for me, so all apparel items will have printed tags for added comfort.
Chronic Strength is a mindset, a lifestyle. It represents the daily obstacles we face, yet overcome through persistent strength and determination to reach your goals and succeed in life, no matter what it takes. You allow no obstacle to stand in your way. Instead, you allow it to develop and increase your strengths, mentally and physically. You have the strength & determination to remain focused on your goals no matter what ridicule you receive from others or what road blocks you may encounter. You keep pressing forward & crush all your goals. Only to create new goals & repeat the process. You have Chronic Strength, the unstoppable force to remain focused & committed to your goals, no matter what, you're constantly chasing your next best self. Anything is possible if you have the dedication, determination, and discipline to work past life's obstacles. Every battle you win, either inside or outside of the gym, will make you that much stronger, that much smarter, and that much better. In the end, you will be victorious. Let this brand be a reminder of how far you have come and how  much farther you will go when you're willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals when you have Chronic Strength.
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